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We want to say thank you to our team and our customers who have continued to support us throughout all the changes and challenges in the last 16 months.


We know that Monday 19th July was originally labelled “Freedom Day” but businesses have been recommended to be cautious and keep certain measures in place, particularly for indoor public areas. To keep our customers and staff safe, we are taking a phased approach to relaxing our measures from Monday 19th July.


Our team will continue to wear face masks indoors during this time and we would prefer it if our customers would do the same until we review the situation prior to Monday 16th August.

Staff and customers may remove their masks in our large outside retail area but please use your judgement and wear a mask if any area outside becomes busy.


At the restaurant entrance the NHS QR code will still be available if customers wish to check in so that they can be contacted by Test and Trace if they may have been exposed to COVID-19. We can take details manually if required. Both of these are optional and staff will no longer prompt their use.


Whilst the cap on numbers inside will be removed, our restaurant tables and chairs cannot be moved and therefore larger groups wishing to sit on nearby tables will be on an ‘as available’ basis on the day.


Our sanitiser stations at the entrance to the shop and restaurant will stay in place for your comfort and use, as well as our frequent cleaning processes. We are all keen to get back to the way things were before, but we do ask you all to work with us in keeping everyone safe and continue to display caution and consideration of others during your visit.

The Beckworth Emporium Team