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Garden Nursery

What makes Beckworth Emporium different?

Like other parts of the Emporium, the Garden Nursery is a little different to what you may find else where. We only stock plants when they are in season, and more importantly, looking their best.

This means you can be assured that all our plants are of the highest quality, and because the majority are grown on-site, the quality will be second to none. Our Garden Nursery will look different each time you visit.

Along with seasonal bedding plants, we also produce our own perennials and many of the flowering shrubs.

What better way to display your new plants than with selection of containers and garden ornaments available from Beckworth Emporium. We also stock a large range of essential garden composts and fertilisers to make sure your plants have the proper care they need.

Bedding plants

Specialists in bedding plants and planted containers

A large proportion of the plants grown on our nursery are bedding plants, we aim to produce an adventurous range of top quality bedding plants at very competitive prices, and growing on our own nursery allows us to display the plants when they are looking at their very best.

We also use these plants to create a fantastic selection of beautiful hanging baskets and planted containers, brilliant for brightening up any patio and they make wonderful gifts. No matter what the season you are guaranteed to find something spectacular at Beckworth Emporium!

Plant pots and containers

Extensive range of pots and containers

At Beckworth Emporium we stock a wide selection of pots and containers to suit any taste or planting style.

From terracotta to glazed pots, stone containers and even pots made from recycled tyres, we stock a wide range of sizes and most containers are guaranteed frost proof. To fully appreciate our range a visit to our centre is a must!


Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to answer any questions and give advice

Our horticultural team are all extremely experienced and many are horticulturally trained, both at Moulton college and at Pershore college.

Grow your own

As well as selling a wide choice of fresh produce, Beckworth Emporium encourages you to grow your own! We sell seed, young plants, vegetable plants and herbs and well as the appropriate composts and fertilisers to make the most of your crops.